What is Entity Framework ASP.NET and SQL Server Integration?

This Entity Framework 7 presentation and event blog post is for anyone here who would like to check out Entity Framework and SQL Server 2016 training: ASP.NET integration education. Do developers need SQL Server 2016 training with respect to Entity Framework? We think that dba’s and database administration specialists can use this sort of .NET education and knowledge.

SQL Server 2016 Training Entity Framework NET.png
SQL Server 2016 Training Entity Framework NET

The Entity Framework is a .NET ORM (Object Relationship Mapping) framework that is designed to make the automation of database activities¬†more seamless for your web application, intranet or internet application, or custom software solution. Ever heard of ADO.NET? That’s how you work with specific domain objects by doing LINQ queries to create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) data.

Decoupling of the OO (Object-Oriented) database translation data is so important for your success in the SQL enterprise environment Рthis is as true in version 2016 of SQL Server as it is in 2017 and any time in the future, and any courses or classes must tell you this. OO and ER (Entity-Relationship) models are very different and the transition may or may not be easy in all cases. You should try to loosely couple the data so it does not become too tightly coupled and become difficult to manage. Your DbContext needs to be seamless and simple to work with. Entering a SQL Server 2016 connection string and decoupling data are two completely different things that require different training approaches.

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